Anne is a fine artist with a background in architecture. Luke is a designer with a background in Engineering. Deckle and Hide is their love child, born in the Spring of 2012.


In the time since, the Deckle and Hide range has rapidly grown to include an array of quality, handmade products, sold online and through selected retail stores throughout Australia. The Deckle and Hide range includes leather goods, botanical candles and fine art prints.


Their design philosophy is “minimalist”. Each piece is designed for one purpose based on the ease of use, durability and aesthetic appeal. Each product is hand made from carefully selected materials and ingredients, sourced from around the globe.


Their material philosophy is “whole”. They use 100% natural ingredients and strive to use the “whole” element, whether plant or animal, to provide a healthy, less wasteful and eco-conscious alternative to other products on the market today.



All D&H leather goods are hand crafted in Australia. Each item is designed, cut and stitched by the hands of one individual craftsman, using traditional artisan tools and techniques. Deckle and Hide do not mass-manufacture. Rather, all products are made-to-order.


Each D&H leather good is made from full grain, vegetable tanned bovine hide and kangaroo leather laced detailing for strength and durability. Each piece is conditioned with natural oil and finished with beeswax. The leather is not dyed. Rather, each piece is allowed to develop its own unique, aged patina through use.



Deckle and Hide candles are made from 100% botanical ingredients. They are made from ethically grown, GM free, pesticide free soy wax. Unlike most scented candles available today, D&H candles do not contain chemical scents. Rather, each candle is scented with 100% essential oils, sourced from around the globe. Thus, when each D&H candle burns, it not only emits a beautiful scent but also a vast array of health benefits associated with essential oils.


You will notice that because D&H candles are so pure they do not produce thick black smoke when burning, thus keeping the glass jar relatively clean and clear at all times.